Stairmate Apex 130 Stair Climber

The Stairmate Apex 130 Stairclimber has Stairmate Apex Stair-climberbuilt a reputation of security and safety for both passenger and operator alike. The Stairmate Apex 130 Stair climber will pick up a wheelchair and its passenger and travel smoothly up and down stairs with the minimum of effort fom the operator.

The Stairmate Stairclimber can be used indoors or outdoors on any suitable stairs or steps.

The features of the Stairmate are:

  • Easy level travel
  • Single operator useage
  • Extremely compact for storage and can easily fit into the boot of a car.
  • Deep cleated tracks for excellent grip on stairs or steps.
  • A powerful motor and gearbox combination with electro magnetic breaking and a removable battery pack ensure safe and reliable use.
  • User friendly controls include a charge indicator to provide warning to recharge or fit a spare battery pack
  • Robust handles with safety catches securely hold the handles of the wheelchair

Key Information

  • Capacity 130kgs     Stairmate stairclimber and wheelchair on stairs
  • Stair Angle up to 35 degrees
  • Landing Size 110 x 110cms
  • Speed down 26 – up 23 stairs per minute
  • Range approx. steps minimum     600 (300 up, 300 down)
  • Max step     height 18cm,   pitch 34cm
  • Battery Power  12 V
  • Dimensions H 92.5 x W 63.5 x L 147.3 cms
  • Weight 54 kgs approx.

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